Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Jailbreak your iPhone 4S 5.0.1 & iPad 2 Untethered! Absinthe 5.0.1/5.0 Untethered Jailbreak

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

100% Free Jailbreak iPhone IOS 5

Hey guys this video will show you how you can jailbreak your recently updated IOS5 iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s and More Check out

Best Upgrades in iPhone 4 IOS 5 Here You go !!!

IOS 5 bets 6 is the best beta ever

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Best iPhone 4 HD theme and Cydia tweaks for your Jailbroken iPhone 4

The best HD Winterboard theme and some rare Cydia tweaks that you may or may not have heard of.

Most of these tweaks will work on 3GS and iPhone 4. The custom font  used is called "Sony sketch EF"

The theme used is timeless HD for iPhone 4 available in cydia.

The list of apps and tweaks i use:

*clock hide
*folder enhancer
*speed intensifier
*SB Settings

Free Jailbreak iOS 5 Firmware !!!

Watch this video to learn about the latest info regarding iOS 5 Firmware & the Jailbreak!

Free Jailbreak Verizon iPhone 4 On 4.2.10 Firmware, iPhone 4g, 3gs !!

How To Jailbreak Your Verizon iPhone 4 On 4.2.10 Firmware, iPhone 4g, 3gs, iPod Touch 4th/3rd Gen & iPad 1 on 4.3.5 as well as iOS 5 Beta 7 Using Redsn0w 0.9.8b7a.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

How to get SbSettings on your Jail broken Iphone 4 for free !!

SbSettings adds buttons or toggles to enable, disable and adjust many system settings on the fly.
For example, you can enable or disable wifi, bluetooth or 3G Network within anyiPhone application from anywhere in theiPhone without quitting the running app.

The normal way of accessing iPhone Settings:
In the iPhone, to access the iPhone settings you have to open the Settingapp and go 2 or 3 screens deep in order to access a simple setting like enable or disable wifi.
For example, to enable or disable 3G, you have to open the Settings app and then tap General. Then tap Network,
iphone sbsetting 1iphone sbsettings 2
and finally you can turn on/off 3G. Therefore, a total of three screen you have to flip through to reach the 3G on/off button. The same thing apply with wifi and many other iPhone settings.
sbsettings 3

The easy way of accessing iPhone settings with SBSettings:

All the setting with the circles in the above pictures can be accessed on the fly from SBSettings menu from anywhere in any application already running on the iPhone.
Simply tap the related button to enable or disable it. The color of the button will change to red if disabled or green if enabled.
sbsettings toggles

How to install SBSettings:

install sbsettings for the iPhone, iphone jailbreak
SBSettings is available in Cydiaand it is free. When you jailbreak your iPhone, Cydia will be installed as part of the jailbreak.
Open Cydia, and then tap the search button and then enter "sbsettings" in the search box.
You will see SBSettings from BigBoss. Tap it and follow the screen to install it.
When you are done, reboot youriPhone by pressing and holdingthe power button for 5 seconds and sliding the power off. Then press the power button for 5 seconds again to restart the iPhone.
Sbsettings should now be installed on your iPhone. Notice that there is no icon, so you can't tell if it is installed or not.

How to access Sbsettings menu?

Simply slide your finger across the top of your iPhone screen (status bar) in either directions, left to right, or right to left, as shown by the red arrow. A menu with some buttons will slide down from the top of the screen.
iphone-hacks-how-to-access-sbsettingsclose sbsetting on iphone
To close the menu, just tap on the top of your iPhone screen as shown by the red circle in the picture above. The menu will slide back up.
The buttons in the menu are called toggles or widgets. Toggles can be simple on/off buttons or small apps!. You can install toggles from Cydia just like installing any any other Cydia hack. Then you can select which toggle you want to appear in the menu as described below.

Some built in toggles:

brightness toggle for sbsettings
Brightness toggle: the brightness toggle is my favorite one. It allows me toincrease or decrease the screenbrightness level on the fly.
If I am in a bright environment I can turn the brightness up while if I am in a dark area, I turn brightness all the way down.
This little toggle or hack allows me to save precious iPhone Battery.

Quick notes: This is a very useful toggle and is built in SBSettings. Did you run into a situation where you are talking on the phone and you want to write down a note or a phone number! Quick notes let's you write text anytime in the middle of a phone call or while running any app without exiting that app.
quick notes sbsettings for iphonequick notes for sbsettings for iphone

Other useful SBSettings toggles:

There are many toggles or widgets of different tasks that you can install from Cydia.
To see a list of all available toggles for SBSetting in Cydia, tap the Sectionstab at the bottom and scroll to "SBSettings Addons"
sbsettings addons for iphonecydia section tab for iphone
Simply select the widget or toggle from the list to install it.
Once a toggle is installed, you have to  show it in the SBSetting menu. Tap the little blue button called "More" shown on the picture below.
sbsettings settings for the iPhone set toggles in sbsettings
Then tap on the Set Toggles button, and then you can turn on or off whatever toggle you have installed so that it shows up in the SBSetting menu.
turn toggles on and off in sbsettings

quick calculator
Quick calculator: With this toggle you can access acalculator on the fly. If you ever want to make a quick addition or multiplication while you are reading your email or browsing the Internet, or even in the middle of a phone call. 
You can do those quick calculations without leavingmobile mail or iPhone safari
Rotation: This cool toggle disables the rotation feature in the iPhone. I use the iPhone to read PDF's or brows the Internet or read my emails while I am laying down on bed.
The problem is that as I move or change my hand position the screen rotates to landscape and I have to rotate it back. This toggle disables the accelerometer on the fly. If I need it for any reason, I can always turn it back on.
AutoLock: This toggle prevents your iPhone screen from turning off. It is useful if you are reading a big document, or if you are downloading a big file, or just if want the iPhone to stay on.
UserAgent Faker: This toggle in SBSetting Addons tricks your browser into thinking it is a full browser which forces websites to be viewed as if they were on a desktop computer. This was the intention of iPhone Safari, but many websites started to make a mobile version of their website. This toggle disables the mobile view of any website and displays it in the desktop format allowing you to use the pinch in and out to zoom.
The advantage is you will see all the options and features that you are used to see on a desktop browser. 

Other useful settings in SBSettings:

1- Add date and memory to status bar: Tap on "More" then "Extras & Options".

sbsettings settings for the iPhoneextras and options in sbsettings
Then enable Statusbar Date and Statusbar Free Mem options. This will show the date and memory on the status bar as shown by the blue circle below.
sbsettings extras

2- Processes: Processes is a toggle that allows you to list all running apps and quit any of the them to free up iPhone memory.
processes for sbsettingsprocesses for sbsettings
Tap the red minus sign, and then delete to quit any running app.
It is a good practice to also tap the "Free Up Memory" button. This option refreshes and clears more ram in the iPhone. Visit the iPhone memory hackto learn more about other uses of this feature.

3- Dock Applications: This cool feature of SBSetting allows you to dock any application installed on your iPhone to quickly access it from the dock button shown below.
dock applications for sbsettings
To add an application to the dock, tap "More" then tap "Dock Applications".
sbsettings settings for the iPhonedock applications for sbsettings for iphone
A list of all installed applications will show up. Then you can turn on any application you want to show in the dock. Only 12 applications are allowed in the SB Settings Dock.
dock for sbsetting for the iphone